Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry

  1. All vehicles driven within the venue must be registered and carry current 3rd party insurance. All drivers must be licenced. Any unregistered vehicles shall be exhibited as a static display only and shall not be moved by their own motive power.
  2. Due to the family nature of the event, entrants and all other persons nominated in this application shall conduct themselves within the venue at all times in a sober and responsible manner. Loutish behaviour, drunkenness and damage to the venue and other property will be reported to the police, and will be grounds for cancellation of the entry, ejection from the venue and barring from future admission of the entrant and the offender. No responsibility is accepted by the Event Organisers, the venue owners, managers or staff, or the Event Insurer for the property and or vehicle of the Entrant and/or offender after ejectment.
  3. The Entrant hereby authorises the Event Organiser and its agents or Nominees to photograph and/or film the Entrant's vehicle, and reproduce the same in any medium.
  4. The Entrant hereby acknowledges that as a essential condition of entry, the Entrant is aware of the dangers inherent in a Motor Vehicle exhibition and display and the possible risk of injury to bystanders, participants, infant children, and property from motor vehicles, trailers and apparatus used in such exhibition and display and the Entrant themselves and as Agents, parents or guardians of all persons nominated in this application hereby releases and indemnifies fully the Event organiser, the event owners, managers or their staff, Agents, contractor and/or representatives from any liability howsoever arising from the Event and the conduct thereof.

Payment Details

The cost of entry is $25 per vehicle. Preferred payment is by direct deposit to the following account.

BSB: 633000
Account Number: 156028466
Please use your rego and/or Full name as reference.